Apple Repair

Helping Apple student users stay online at all times.
iPad | iPad Air | iPad Mini | MacBook Pro | MacBook Pro Retina | MacBook PolyCarb | MacBook Air

Chromebook Repair

Ensure your students have their Chromebooks when they need them.
Dell | Samsung | HP | Lenovo | Samsung | Toshiba

Replacement Parts

AGIT maintains an inventory of over 100,000 replacement parts for all Apple, Chromebook and Tablets. We stock and ship this inventory from our Toronto facility.

Our Services

  • Apple Repairs
    Repairing Glass and LCDs on all iPad, iPad Mini, MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Pro Retina Models
  • Chromebook Repairs
    AGIT has established itself as an industry leader in the repair of Chromebook devices and components
  • Trade-Ins
    AGIT offers school districts the option to trade-in or sell their older Chromebook models that are being refreshed or have become end of life
  • System Board Repairs
    Advanced facility and capability to do component level repair on all Chromebook models logic boards
  • Tablet/Laptop Repairs
    As a full LCD repair facility, AGIT has the knowledge, equipment and materials to perform highly specialized repair service successfully
  • Tablet/Laptop Parts
    AGIT is your preferred partner for these parts. We stock and ship from our Toronto facility
  • Apple & Chromebook Parts
    AGIT carries over 1 million dollars in Chromebook & Apple devices spare parts inventory
  • Chromebook Whole Units
    We offer new and recertified whole unit Chromebooks. All recertified units are scrutinized under a 15-point recertification process to ensure you receive the best functioning units your budget allows
  • Cases & Bags
    From polycarbonate to polyester, AGIT carries a full line of cases and bags to protect your mobile devices. We offer products to fit and secure devices for all major brands
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Our Promise

  • Experience

    We perform component level repairs to extended the life our customer’s devices and provide critical cost savings. Our state-of-the-art technical facilities allow us to develop customized solutions to meet our customers’ constantly changing needs.

  • Quality

    One of AGIT's pillars is Quality Assurance. We take the steps needed to ensure quality with all parts orders and repairs. We deliver high quality support to schools across Canada for their 1:1 initiatives.

  • Customer Care

    AGIT offers its customers exceptional quality, excellent customer care, and the most affordable price on both repair services and replacement parts